Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Bull God, Part 4: 'Snakes in the shadows' [ by Bux ]

When the 2 big men walked into the darkly lit Stables they were not as alert as they should be, because they had been drinking a bit.
The 2 horses were a bit nervous in their stalls, and Krondagg turned to see a figure sat quiet at a small table in shadow...
" Hey, Boy.
Wake up, and help us saddle my horses.
There will be an extra silver for you if you are quick about it. "

The stable floor was covered with lots of old straw, and piles of fresher straw were in the empty horse-stalls.
Suddenly, a saddle slammed down on the floor just behind the 2 companions!
As they turned in surprise... many dark shapes rose quickly from straw piles and from out of the shadows!

Before they could gather their wet wits, six spears were pointing at their big heaving chests.

The dark figure rose slowly from the table.
A deep commanding voice grunted with menace and practiced authority...
" Stay still, Scum !
Do not move a testicle !
We just need to ask you some easy questions, before you depart."

Krondagg scowled and glanced at the scene in the dim light of a single flickering lantern... he recognised the purple uniforms of Soldiers from the local small castle, nearest the village. They had a very bad reputation for being cruel and savage towards all the peasants in the area.
They had murdered one of his underworld friends at an Inn, 4 months ago. He was secretly pleased to meet them, so soon, for a reckoning.

And it was fortunate that he had warned the wrestler about them, while talking in the tavern.

The 6 scruffy Soldiers all wore studded leather shirts, were armed with spears and short swords, and had a motley collection of different old and dented helms.
The men were naturally nervous and wary about the big bull-faced thug who stood solid, grim, and confident, like a bronze statue.
Their leader was tall, cocky, and sported a very evil grin that any demon would be proud to wear. His eyes seemed black and soulless, and he was tapping a curved scimitar across his mail covered chest.

He asked them about the fine tan mare.
Krondagg told him about winning it in a bet, but the scimitar soon pointed at his face...
" You LIE, Dog !
That superb mare was stolen from my master's mistress.
Her 3 escorts were slain, and she was tied up, molested, and had to walk back barefoot to our Froggat Castle. "

Trying to suppress his inner amusement, Krondagg went into his pleading act. He kept his face sad, slowly bowed his head, held his wide hat in both hands across his breast, and whimpered like a big puppy...
" But, Sir... I swear by the holy clouds...
I tell you the TRUTH.
Bring in the stable boy... he witnessed the bet on his little table over there.
He will confirm our innocence. "

The demonic grin seemed to widen and quiver with more evil pleasure as the leader sent 1 man to open the big rear doors of the stable-barn.
Hanging by a swaying noose in the bright moonlight was the battered, bloodied young corpse of the 14 year old stable boy...
Even tough Krondagg was shocked. The boy had been so cheerful and helpful, had told many dirty jokes, and was running the stable because his dad had been arrested a month ago, and was still being held prisoner.

As the mocking loud laughter of all the sadistic soldiers rang through his swiftly alerted head, Krondagg hissed a warning at Huevos and winked at him...
" Watch out for that deadly snake by your leg, Amigo ! "

The bull-face quickly winked back, and Huevos let out a big sigh of relief as he started his act.
He suddenly leapt into the air, holding his leg, and hopped chaotically about in agony, bumping past 2 shaking spears...
" Aii-Eeee !
I am bit by a snake !
The poison is like fire in my blood.
Help me....HELP....PLEASE ? "
As he screamed in severe pain and panic, all the soldiers were backing off and only had eyes for the mess of shadows darting across the floor.
The snakes in this land were greatly feared by all.

Then the crazed wrestler dropped to the floor and rolled around in violent, jerks of agonised pain. He seemed to kick out in spasms at random at nearby legs, and soon caused 3 men to trip and tumble into each other in a comical pile-up.

Krondagg dropped to his knees, as if in fear, and secretly felt for the dagger hidden in his boot. The angry leader pushed the sheepish Krondagg aside and strode towards the scrambling Huevos with murderous intent...
" Here, bull-pig, let me put you out of your misery..."

The scimitar flashed in the moonlight, and then sliced into the floor as the evil Leader was tripped down by Krondagg.
As his face slammed down hard onto the smelly straw...the evil grin turned into a scream of shock and agony.
Krondagg had shoved his dagger through the leather pants and deep into the arse of the fallen cocky bastard. Then he ripped and tore wildly with his very sharp blade as his victim thrashed about like a gutted fish.

Then Krondagg rolled to the side to avoid a spear-thrust, then grabbed the spear, and used it to knock down 2 more panicking men.

Meanwhile, Huevos had gone into a murderous rage that he had never experienced before...
he knew that he had to kill these very evil men, quickly and savagely, before they murdered him and his new friend. No time for fancy wrestling and posing moves. This was real life or death fighting, now!

This time when he bent arms and legs... he broke bones with furious force. When he snared a man in a head-lock... this time he twisted and squeezed and snapped the neck!
This time he did not wait for them to pose and block... he viciously poked their eyes with his very strong fingers.
He smashed his big fist and elbow into faces and groins, and he stamped on necks and limbs.
And he broke backs with his deadly bull-hug, at full force now!
One of the beaten men gibbered pointless garbled prayers to a mountain-god just before his back was snapped. He was convinced that his snorting Bull-faced slayer was a terrible man-demon of incredible strength and dexterity.

While Huevos broke and killed 3 confused soldiers on the floor in a fast flurry of unleashed expert-wrestling fury, Krondagg had fought and slain 2 other surprised men with spear, sword, dagger, and fist.

The last man, with his arm nearly hacked off, tried to flee out into the moon-shine.
Huevos hurled a spear at him... but it just missed, and splashed into the horse trough. But another spear sped true into his back, and the man fell dead under the hanging body of the boy... who seemed to stare down at the cruel soldier with smiling eyes...

Bull-face congratulated Baldy on his fine throw.
Krondagg smiled grimly as he observed the torn leader still slightly twitching on the floor in a huge pool of blood, staring in fixated horror, and bloody froth still oozing from his open mouth.
He used the fine scimitar to cut off the leader's head, and placed it on the table, so it could look at the whole scene of carnage.
Then he tucked the bloody, dripping scimitar into the belt of the swaying stable boy, and shook his dead hand, in a strange macabre salute.

Later, after the 2 bruised but victorious companions had saddled and watered the horses, Krondagg asked Huevos to practice swinging a sword, outside, while he gathered some booty from the slain soldiers.

Making sure that he was not watched, Krondagg carefully prised out the eyes from the leader's severed head, and put the bloody trophies into a small leather pouch.
He knew his sorceress Mordama would be thrilled with them. She had told him to collect certain body parts from very evil opponents, aparently some had power she could use in her dark sorceries.
He decided not to take her the penis and balls of the evil leader. The only cock he wanted to give her... was his own 'wicked wand'. He gasped with lust at the very thought.

After quickly collecting money, jewelry, food supplies, wine, and 2 good swords from the congealing corpses, he returned out back.
Huevos said with a grin...
" I will learn this sword more, like you advised. I now know I will have to learn many new things from you to survive in this brutal land."

Krondagg gave him about half the money coins in a purse, and smiled widely...
" You are learning fast and well.
Tis great to be in any fight with you.
You can tell me later exactly how you broke all those armed thugs with your bare hands?
Now, let's walk the horses quietly through the woods. Hopefully we can bypass any patrols on the village roads..."

...After they had left... something stirred in the stinking stables...
A big brown rat scurried over to feast on some warm human entrails.
Nearby, the severed neck of the dead leader shook from within.
Suddenly, blood and gore spurted out from the stump, followed by a small black snake-thing about 18 inches long !

The big rat took one glance at it... then coughed out its mouthful, did a perfect back-flip, fled out under the staring bright moon, and dived into the stream, beyond the broken fence.

The small serpent-thing had no eyes. It slid around through the crimson straw, flicking out a long forked tongue, as if it was searching for something...

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