Wednesday, 10 March 2010

The Bull God: Part 2

Huevos del Toro suddenly stopped talking, and spun around.
He had heard a faint female scream of distress nearby, and he was poised for action.
He looked like a big bull-man ready to charge. Then he scraped the ground with his booted toe, snorted, and ran towards where the sound had come from. For a big strong man he was surprisingly quick and agile on his feet.

He peeped through the open side-window of a low wooden hut. He saw a big dark shape of a man in a wide hat leaning over the silent naked body of a pretty teenage girl!
Huevos leapt through the window like a big springing cat and was on the man's back in a flash.
His strong hands clamped round the thick neck and he rolled the heavy man away from the girl. They fell together across the rug and floor, and Huevos could feel the power and strength of the big man as he struggled violently to shake him off.

Huevos snarled at the killer in the black cape...
" You murdering bastardo !
Hold still, or I will break your neck ! "

Surprisingly, the man with the big scarred bald head, stopped struggling. His fancy hat had fallen off.
The grim voice spoke calmly and laughed...
" No ! You have got it all wrong.
She is not harmed. She is just knocked out. She had an accident.
See... she is breathing... Look ! "

Huevos could see her petite ribcage and pointy breasts moving up and down. Her beautiful flesh did look unhurt.

While the wrestler was slightly distracted by naturally lusty male thoughts, the bald man burst into action and elbowed Huevos very hard in his stomach!
Winded, the grappler loosened his grip in shock, and his big tough opponent quicky prised himself free, and then spun round to see him for the first time.

Krondagg [ Main character ] was so surprised to behold the face of a bull on a man in strange garb!
He took a pace backwards in awe and slight fear. His voice trembled a bit...
" By the horns of Satanus! What manner of demon are you?
Have you been sent by my mistress? "

Huevos, gasped, stared long and hard at the big grim-faced thug who was slowly backing away. The wrestler was cunning, and realised he had a chance to gain valuable information from this scared foe...
" Yes. You worm !
I grow impatient with your whining.
Who is this poor girl, and what is your business here? "

Krondagg sat down on the floor. His mind was racing fast and he was sweating now.
He quickly told the Bull-demon that the girl was a virgin, who was not to be harmed, and he had cut some of her hair. He must take it to his employer, Mordama the Sorceress, tonight.
She had told him to look out for more strong rogues and warriors who might want to earn a lot of money in secret work.

Huevos, scratched his bull chin, blinked his eyes a lot, and threw his head back in booming laughter...
" You crazy big bastardo. You do talk some stupid sheeet, eh? "

Krondagg was suddenly very relieved, and soon realised his mistake. He began to laugh too, and slowly rose up with his hands in the air, and moved nearer to the laughing bull...
" Yeah, I can tell the best funny tales, my friend. "

Krondagg was intrigued by this new guy in the painted mask, and he always respected strength and great fighting powers. And he thought Mordama could use a tough guy like bull-face?
" Hey, I like you.
Let me take you for a drink at the tavern?
You look thirsty from a long journey?
And later, perhaps you would like to meet my beautiful employer? She sure pays well."

Huevos shrugged, sighed, and then beamed a big smile of relief...
" Ok, Baldy.
But what about the girl ? "

Krondagg picked up his hat, tossed a blanket over the now snoring girl, and gently kissed her on the forehead...and chuckled...
" She will be fine.
You can come back and marry her later, and I will be your best man, eh? "

The wrestler now noticed that his new 'friend' walked with a limp.
They both slapped each other on the back, and went laughing lustilly down the dark street towards the rough local tavern...

[ Please read my Character notes in the Comments section... ]

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  1. Important notes on my
    Krondagg [ Main character ]
    he walks with a limp, but he can still run quite fast when he has to.
    big bald scarred head, grim face, likes to wear different fancy hats, when he can.

    big strong ex-warrior and rough tough experienced rogue/thug.
    works for Mordama [ Mikey's Sorceress ] he adores her.
    has been 1 of her key henchmen for 2 years, because she pays very well .
    he is not evil, but he can be ruthless, and will do almost anything for money.

    mainly uses a big wooden cosh [ he has to do a lot of kidnapping, and he likes knocking enemies out, tying them up, and telling them his own warped bragging fantastic tales].
    uses his sword when he has to, and is a formidable warrior in combat.

    he likes to drink and joke with other men, arm wrestling, fist fights.
    he has not been with a whore for several months now, because he thinks he has a chance with Mordama: but he is deluded, or under her spell.