Wednesday, 10 March 2010

The Bull God

Huevos del Toro staggered to his feet and pulled his mask straight. His opponent, the mountainous Vestido Peligroso, was already rushing towards him again. The Mexico City crowd erupted as Huevos was grabbed in a double underhook and El Peligroso fell back, smashing his opponent's head to the ground in a deadly "brainbuster" move.

For Huevos del Toro, the world went black and began to spin. Awareness of his surroundings dropped away as he entered an unconscious void. All that remained was the sensation of revolving in space as he fell deeper and deeper into the abyss. Gradually, however, he began to notice specks of light, streaking like shooting stars in the dark . At the same time, he became aware of a whooshing sound that filled both ears and a pulsating headache. Colours flashed as his aching brain struggled back to consciousness.

Beneath his head; that was not canvass! And where was the jeering crowd, baying for blood? There was a sound like the sea. It was the sea! And that was sand he was lying on; a beach!

Disorientated and weary, Huevos wiped the blood from his eyes and looked around him. In the distance from where he lay on the beach, he could see a city. Nearer, there were palm trees and a small cluster of dilapidated huts. Wincing as a fresh wave of pain swept across his brow, Huevos hauled himself up and slowly shambled over to these signs of habitation.

Knocking on the door of the first hut, Huevos was taken aback by the extreme age of its occupant. The toothless elder who answered, for his part, seemed terrified to see Huevos. Somewhat confused by this response, the luchadora felt his own face and thought "Of course, I'm still wearing the mask!" Huevos' mascara was a complicated bright red adornment, fashioned to look like a bull, complete with stylized horns.

The ancient sank to his knees and prostrated himself full length on the dusty ground. "Doom, doom!" he mouthed, "I never thought I'd live to see it! First, the Warriors from the Sea and now, the Bull God himself... Truly the Day of the Prophecy has come; the Dead One who Lies Sleeping must have risen!"

"Excuse me, SeƱor", asked Huevos, "Do you think I could trouble you for a glass of water? And please could you tell me where I am?"

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  1. Character notes: Huevos del Toro is a simple soul. Despite his sudden precipitation into the "sword and sorcery" universe, he's not going to be too fazed as he lives in a fantasy world anyway.

    Raised on old "Santo" movies shown him by his "lucha libre" crazy Grandad (who raised him following his parents' tragic deaths in a car smash when he was 5), he has seen his silver-masked hero battle vampire-women, werewolves and space aliens.

    Huevos is a "tecnico" (good guy) in the ring and, like his cinematic hero, tries to follow this ideal in real life as well. Sadly, he has more in common with Don Quixote than El Santo, and his life is a series of unfortunate escapades and close scrapes.

    Realising the significance of his mask in the world in which he has found himself, Huevos does not intend removing it. Could his role as "Bull God" have significance for the Mithras-worshipping Romans?